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The LPBIN from www.lpbin.com

The LPBIN brings the record store style to you music room.

The best front facing LP storage solution available. Your

collection is brought up to a comfortable browsing level. The

bottom bin is easy to access and has enough clearance to

reach all the record, even in the back. An optional rubber

mat called a GrooveMat is available to keep the LPs from

sliding forward. The Mat fits in the bottom of each bin. 3

colors available. www.LPBIN.com 

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The LPBIN2 from www.lpbin.com

The LPBIN2 is a large record store style lp storage unit.

Each bin is a foot deep. The back bins are elevated to make

selecting and browsing easy. The bottom shelf is perfect for

box sets or new stock. They offer a adapter piece that turns

the bottom shelf into a front facing bin. 

Marathon Elight Series Record/Lp Case

The Marathon record storage case is perfect for storing

your collection. Each unit holds 80 LPs. The lid will keep

dust out and hold your collection safe and secure. Durable

metal edges make it safe to move your LP collection.

Sefour RS300 500 LP Vinyl Storage

The Sefour LP storage unit will hold 500 LPs. The slim

design is perfect for placing next to your turntable. 

Crosley CR401-TA Record Carrier Case

The Crosley Carrier Case will hold 30 LPs. The retro

design will enhance any music room. The heavy hardware

will hold the unit shut and make transporting your collection

easy and safe.

Atcha LP storage Cabinet

The Atcha record storage unit has 6 LP and 4 CD drawers.it

is priced at $5,900.

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The IKEA Expedit

The IKEA Expidit is a cost effective solution for LP

Storage. The unit is not designed for the weight of LPs. Only

filling it half way would be safe move. Not having a back is

also a problem. It is not easy to keep you collection neat

and in line.

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Boltz LP Record Storage

The Boltz Lp Storage 2 shelf unit sells for $449. Shelves

can be added and the casters are optional. Made from steel

and will hold 180 LPs on each shelf.

Available in:   Modern Black      Classic Oak      Golden Oak
Latest LPBIN Coupon Codes
Latest LPBIN Coupon Codes